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As a patient or carer in Bolton we are keen to understand your views and opinions around shared care records. Bolton is committed to creating a digital shared care record and your insights and opinions are vital.

The Bolton Care Record is an electronic record summarising all the key information about you from different health and social care services. The record would include your name and address, diagnosis list, medications, test results, referrals and if you have any allergies. This is so that any medical professionals involved in caring for you in an emergency can know helpful information about you. The record would be confidential, and only accessed by those that need it to make sure you get the right care.

Q1. What is your post code?

Q2. What do you think of the Bolton Care Record?

To what extent do you agree with these statements about the Bolton Care Record?

Q3. I think the Bolton Care Record would benefit me/someone I care for.

Q4. I think the Bolton Care Record would make a positive difference to the care I experience.

Q5. Failure to share important information from my health records across health and social care professionals is of concern to me.

Q6. I think the Bolton Care Record would improve the interactions that I have with health and social care professionals.

Q7. The Bolton Care Record would support health professionals to make the best decisions about the care I need.

Q8. I thought information from my health records was already shared with people involved in my care.

Q9. I would want to know which health and social care professionals would be able to access information from my health record.

Q10. What do you think the benefits might be with having a Bolton Care Record?

Q11. Please let us know if you have any concerns about the Bolton Care Record.

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