Joining up health and social care – The Bolton Care Record

Things are changing in Bolton. As part of the planned improvements, local health and care organisations are working more closely to make patient care even better.
To do this we need to make some changes so that those involved in your care can see your medical records. This means that those who care for you will have access to the information they need. If you have ever had to explain your medical history over and over again to different people then you will understand why a shared record is needed.

The Bolton Care Record (BCR) will contain key information from hospital, general practice, community care and social services. The system will make this available to the staff who care for you and your family, making the treatment you receive safer and more accurate. Included in your care record will be the medication you are currently taking, your allergies, test results and other critical medical and care information. Health and care staff will be able to access your information but only if they have your permission to do so.

The purpose of the Bolton Care Record will be to provide clinical and care professionals with complete, accurate and up-to-date information when caring for patients. This information comes from a variety of sources including GP practice, community providers, acute hospitals and social care providers. The BCR will only be used by those directly caring for patients.

I would be keen to learn your views and understand what you think of these changes? You can share your views at

Wirin Bahanti
Chair of Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group

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